June’s News

Thank you for visiting our June Simmons Realty (JSR) website in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.  Real estate is the hottest topic at cocktail parties and backyard barbecues.  Atlanta is among the top ten of American cities with a glut of foreclosed properties.  Media coverage of the national real estate scene is dark and gloomy.  Banks and mortgage companies are in flux and wearily trying to clean up the mess they’ve made. Many people are in the midst of rebuilding their credit after making unwise choices.  The good news is, this too shall pass.

Smart folks who have saved, invested and managed their money wisely are gobbling up great deals everywhere. Now is the time to adhere to the buy low sell high adage of smart investing.  Builders are offering the best deals ever to rid themselves of overstocked inventory.  Sellers are forced to offer enticing concessions to get their properties sold.  This is the time to be buying property.  Whether you’re buying your primary home or an investment property- now is the time to be in the market for real estate.

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