Accurate pricing is the most important aspect of selling your home quickly. If your home is over priced it will sit on the market, and the longer a property sits on the market the more difficult it is to sell. Many sellers have a set amount they need from the sale of their home. This is not the criteria you use to set your asking price. A home is worth what a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to pay for it, not what you want to net after your payoff. It’s important to know what similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for, and also how long they were on the market before they sold.

After coming up with a realistic asking price you must prepare your home to show prospective buyers. If your home needs painting –paint it. If your home needs new carpet –replace it. Also, get rid of clutter. Take old newspapers and magazines to your recycling center. Clean underneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Clean out closets. Give outdated clothes and shoes to shelters or to someone who can use them. Give away old toys. Clean out garages, basements, attics and other storage areas. Your home should look and smell like a model home before you put it on the market.

Attractive landscaping and exterior maintenance is what draws prospective buyers to your home. Whether they find your home on the Internet or a drive-by, exterior attractiveness is a powerful draw. Give your home’s exterior a good pressure washing and remove leaves and pine straw from roof and gutters. If you’re not a yard person, hire someone to freshen things up and make your landscaping beautiful and inviting.